Richard J. Kirk

About Me.

I was born Joseph R. Mason in February sometime in the 1950’s and have a birth certificate to prove it. My birth mother died when I was four days old, I was taken in (kidnapped) by an aunt, relocated to London, and subsequently adopted without the prior knowledge of my birth father. At my adoption I was renamed Richard J. Kirk and I have another birth certificate to prove that! I’m sure that it is not legal to have two birth certificates with different names, but I don’t think the authorities were so fussy in the old days. I write using my birth name because I can, and to honour my parents and birth siblings. My late father, Joseph Walter Mason (24th January 1908 – 24th March 1985), obviously missed out on a really great son, and my immediate siblings, Ann, Fred and Helen, missed out on a superb and incredible brother. To give it a happy ending, I am now reunited with my birth siblings.

I write mainly for my own amusement but always in the hope it might also bring pleasure to others.

My books are aimed at children and adults of age 10 to 76½ believing that there is always a gap for fast paced and humorous literature for this age group. The chapters are short, to fit in with bedtime reading and attention span!

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My poetry can be more raw, edgy and often exposing. So aimed at a more adult audience. It can also be found on the profile above.

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I am married to Julia since 1977, I have 3 children, Rebekah (1979), Jonathan (1981) and Charlotte (1986) I put their birth years in so I don't have to update every birthday. I have 5 grandchildren, 2 girls, and 3 boys.

I live in a state of semi-retirement having given up the day job in the pump industry in 2015. I am now a member of the Leadership Team of Victoria Baptist Church, Eastbourne, I am also a trustee of the charity. I oversee the membership and am trustee responsible for GDPR.

I am the happiest person I know and the happiest person you're ever likely to know.

I am an Evangelical Christian believing that God loves you whatever your race, creed, colour or sexual orientation. Not all evangelicals agree with me, but that's not my problem, it is instead a reflection of their lack of grace.