First - The Disclaimer

This web-site is my own work unless credited by article. The views herein are my own and personal to me. I may share some of my friends views as well, but only if i agree with them!

About Me.

I am married to Julia since 1977, I have 3 children, Rebekah (1979), Jonathan (1981) and Charlotte (1986) I put their birth years in so I don't have to update every birthday. I have 3 grandchildren, 2 girls and a boy.

I live in a state of semi-retirement having given up the day job in the pump industry in 2015. I now work part time importing stuff from China and selling in the UK. It's not that I need the money, because I don't make any, it's just to stop me going nuts!

I am the happiest person I know and the happiest person you're ever likely to know.

I am British, European and hope to remain so.

I am an Evangelical Christian believing that God loves you whatever your race, creed, colour or sexual orientation. Not all evangelicals agree with me, but that's not my problem.

RKMSco is a marketing and engineering consultancy company specialising in the pump and fluid handling industry. Customer perception surveys, digital media and target marketing for busy professionals.